DJ Bigg V – Program Director

When mention of influential down South DJs comes into conversation, then the name Bigg V is sure to make its way into the discussion. Between breaking the hottest new hip hop and R&B records, promoting the liveliest concerts and keeping clubs bouncing all through the night with his maniacal music mixes, Bigg V has been holding down both sides of the Mississippi River for more 15 than years.

Credited with introducing some of the biggest hit singles from Rick Ross, Yo Gotti, Future, 2 Chains and Big KRIT (among many others), Bigg V has the formula to liven up any block party, house party, bachelor party, nightclub, wedding reception, baptism or bar mitzvah. Armed with two turntables, a mixer and more music than ASCAP, this DJ has club-goers reaching for the sky as if they were being held up at gunpoint. But all he wants to do is make you dance.

“I fill the venue with my presence,” Bigg V boasts. “I actually bring value to my venue because a party definitely will be rocked. People will always enjoy themselves when I’m there, whether I’m hosting or DJing.”

More than just a crowd-pleasing record spinner, however, Bigg V also serves as executive director of Cool Running DJs and Team Bigga Rankin Music as well as vice-president of USA DJs/Texas All Stars DJ. He is also a member of the heralded Hittmenn DJs, the world’s biggest record-breaking coalition.


If that were not enough, he is currently the assistant director of corporate sales and promotions director at WCLD, WAID, WMJW, WKDJ for Radio Cleveland, Inc. And he is also mixshow director for radio stations Jammin’ 104 and Power 106.5. Without question, Bigg V is one of the premier DJs in the country. 

Born Vince Roberts and raised in the sleepy Mississippi Delta town of Leland, Bigg V knew at a young age that music would play a vital role of his life. At a very young age, he was torn between the soul-stirring testaments of gospel music pulling him into the pulpit and the hard-knock sound of hip hop drawing him behind the turntables.

“When I get behind the tables, I can rock any party and change the environment of any venue,” says V. “But I have also mastered the arts of record promotions, radio and music as a whole.”

“There were two things that I always wanted to be in life,” V admits. “I always wanted to be a DJ or a preacher.”

Answering both callings, he spent every Sunday morning in church, but during the week, he washed cars, raked yards and did odd jobs to finance his very first set of turntables at 14 years old. In his early teens, Bigg V became one of the youngest party promoters in the Mississippi Delta. And while still in high school, he landed an intern position at WBAD (94.3) and WESY, respectively. 

Soon after graduation, he joined the U.S. Navy and worked as a military aircraft electrician, repairing everything from airplanes to helicopters to nautical power plants. “If it had a wire and it was on an aircraft,” he remembers, “I had to find the problem, fix it and keep things running smoothly.”

It was during this time that he revisited his religious background and started studying Christian theology and various other religions. Over time, he once again altered his plans.

“Saying that you have mastered God scared me,” he laughs. “And then, my love for hip hop and music were fighting with that…Music is kind of like a religion as well, so I guess that’s why it was such an easy transition.”

After sailing the world, Bigg V was discharged from the Navy and returned home to pursue a career in the music business. In no time at all, he landed a sales position at the local radio station while DJing at various clubs throughout the Mississippi Delta. Over the years, he perfected his craft and V’s popularity grew around the local club scene. He became so popular that he earned a gig as the youngest black general manager at Delta Radio, Inc.

Continuing to climb the ladder of success, he now oversees the daily operations of Mississippi radio stations WDTL, WDSK, WZYQ, KZYQ, WOHT, WROX.

 After spreading his name through the Magnolia State, V set his sights on the national level and built his brand as a premier DJ. As a result, he has been featured is such hip hop/rap publications as Ozone, New Power, Block2Block and the S.E.A. magazines. Additionally, he earned multiple nominations at the Southern Entertainment Awards.

V’s next move is expanding his promotion company Bigg V The Doughman Radio and Street Promotions and releasing his forthcoming mixtape series.

“It doesn’t matter the venue. It can be classical or blues, jazz, R&B, hip hop, trap, house, EDM or whatever,” says Bigg V. “I have the ability to draw from all those genres because I have the experience and the know-how.”